Planet Hunters and Planet Four featured in the ASIAA Quarterly Outreach Poster

Image Credit: ASIAA

The ASIAA Education and Public Outreach (EPO) office produces a quarterly outreach poster to help promote astronomy and the research efforts at ASIAA throughout Taiwan. For this Spring’s poster, they decided to make the theme citizen science. I helped to write the articles on Planet Hunters and Planet Four. You can check out the poster here (Note: The poster’s in traditional character Chinese) An English version of the Planet Four article can be found here, and you can find the English version of the Planet Hunters article here.

These quarterly posters are disseminated to schools all around Taiwan and are also handed out at outreach events hosted by ASIAA. I think the poster looks great and features lots of different ways people in Taiwan can get involved in citizen science including participating in several Zooniverse projects including Galaxy Zoo and Planet Four, which have been translated to traditional character Chinese thanks to the efforts of the ASIAA EPO office.






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